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With technologies of the “coherent technological Triptych” of the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, he east possible concretely to protect planet, to create jobs, and to start again the economy healthily by producing two clean energies and indefinitely renewable. OBLIGE YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE AND POLITICAL PERSONS IN CHARGE with really acting for your general public interest!

In all the achievements, the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU is the originator of their basic principles. He checks that its rule of principle is always applied to all the levels of working for the manufacturing:

Any assembly of some nature (physical, mineral, chemical, organic) must imperatively produce repetitive and unquestionable results

The listed materials n° 01,02,05,06,08,09,11,13 were the object of “GUARANTEE TO LIFE” (the GUARANTEE with LIFE” corresponds to a full cover parts and labor during all the administrative lifetime or amortization period. See GUARANTEED page “CBRD)

Some achievements (among others)


THIS CONVEYER WAS THE FIRST BELT CONVEYER OF THE WORLD WITH AUTOMATIC DELIVERY of containers polystyrene containing of the printed circuits with their components, and power supply units, for delivery at specialized checkpoints. The same conveyer allowed the return of the materials controlled on lower tape, with delivery either in final assembly, or in change of the defective component, and return controls some after repair.


THIS MACHINE WAS THE FIRST IN THE WORLD USING AN OPTO-ELECTRONIC MODE by diodes and sensors to recognize the cultivated mushroom position beforehand isolated on neutral grooved carpet. The opto-electronic sets of blocks determined the dimension of the mushrooms (diameter, height, position of the root) to order sets of grips with three fingers seizing each one a mushroom with two fingers on the diameter of the foot, and a finger on the top of the hat to plate the two fingers under the hat and to thus determine the height of the hat and the length of the foot to proceed to two cuts of the foot, the first separating the root, the second bringing the height of mushroom to half of the diameter. The mushroom “avoided” going according to its gauge the corresponding assembly.

03 - 1973 - AUTOMOBILE ANTI-COLLISION SYSTEM [Trade Licenses].

It was the FIRST SECURITY SYSTEM ACTIVE IN THE WORLD, ALL THE NATIONAL PRESS SPOKE ABOUT IT, but the frenchénarques ones of government POMPIDOU considered that (sic) “it was an attack with freedoms” and that the STATE would use of it under “reason of State” the LASER version for the guidance of missiles what put under the “secrecy defense” all the versions with prohibition of exploitation.

04 - 1974 - COLOR SCREEN WITH LIQUID CRYSTALS AND DIGITAL IMAGE [free Research suggested with Thomson].

THE COLOR SCREEN WITH LIQUID CRYSTALS WAS THE FIRST IN THE WORLD MAKING IT POSSIBLE TO OBTAIN AN IMAGE REALISTIC COLOR WITH A FLAT PANEL DISPLAY. At that time THOMSON developed the television sets colors with standard screen “PIL” (in-depth reduced cathode ray tube big screen).  The color screen being conceived with digital controls of lightings of the tripod of points (instead of single point in black & white), it was naturally accompanied by the digital transmission of the image, which made it possible to increase the number of bands of issuances. The énarque one (resulting from the same culture of dunces as the precedent), in charge of the service produced of Thomson made obstruction with the acquisition of this technology, spreading the idea that this one would not have any future.

We saw the future of THOMSON, and that of the digital image like that of the color screen dish to liquid crystals, principles and technologies which were copied and developed in Japan.


The invitation to tender imposed an operation of the machine 3 times 8 hours (24h/24) with a maximum of one hour of stop for the loading and maintenance, the seals out of glass with in relief the name of “COINTREAU” being delivered in bulk in cartons, the lace of color “red culvert” being in reels of 500 meters, 7 cm on the large bottles and 6 cm on the small bottles, being posed on each type of bottle. The physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU designed a machine requiring only a maximum of 4:00 of stop per annum for replacement of the wearing parts. During its operation, the reels are supplied and the machine the met places from there by triple supply of waiting, the seals are supplied out of silo the machine has an opto-electronic system of orientation of the seal. Lastly, a double game of tubes of adhesive enables them to generate an automatic cleaning constantly machine.


The request was to conceive a unit automated to manufacture asbestos cement tubes without staff not being with a contact pronounced with asbestos. The physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU thus conceived a unit starting with a chopper closed a little like one to mix, allowing to produce a coarse dust and long fibers which are mixed with cement to create a barbotine. A baize forming a continuous band comes to skim the top of barbotine.  A tube PVC is deposited on the higher tape, which makes adhere the fine layer of barbotine on the tube. When the thickness is reached to produce either a tube, or of the sleeves, a light pressure then a rising makes it possible to break barbotine film. A set of tubes sends air between tube PVC and the asbestos cement tube and tube PVC are released laterally. The asbestos cement tube continues its race in a drying oven, then in an oven on rollers which make it rotate. At exit of oven (with eight meter height) the tube is descended and deposited according to its category on a line of machining of sleeves or end, then of manchonage, and faggoting with reversal of a tube on two. Finally the faggot of tubes is deposited in storage 28 days with possible watering according to climate for stabilization. This kind of manufacturing unit does not exist any more since prohibition of use of asbestos.


[Experimentation requires Pr MERRY].

The prosthesis of MOORE is a prosthesis of the hip replacing the collar of the femur. (broken following weakness). Following the report of need for new intervention shortly, the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU analyzed the problem and with suggested with Pr MERRY to set up a ring at the bone at the level of the plan of support of the prosthesis. The experimentation was made by the professor on a patient informed and agreeing. This one made a check four years after, and the radios showed that the prosthesis was always perfectly places from there, and the bone did not present any disorder. The experimentation thus largely succeeded.


In the invitation to tender, it was a question of suggesting a viable technical solution of closing of site and buildings with safety of ordering of closing and opening with presence or absence of current. The physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU answered by exceeding even the constraints of the specifications of the invitation to tender as regards safety, In competition with CROUZET and TÉLÉMÉCANIQUE, the physicist moreover solved the whole in electrical power boxs with ten times less relay while making so that any breakdown of relay involves a description and causes a swing on another free relay at the time and for the outstanding operation at the time of the breakdown.


The request was to have a machine making it possible to produce plasterboards and in addition cells out of carton starting from bands in rollers. The physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU conceived a coherent whole of machines in which the plasterboards are carried out by plaster amounts run in a form napped by a strong paper on three faces. The fourth face is covered after injection with the plaster in the form. Several forms make it possible to feed the assembly line adequately. Two rollers of carton are reeled in two machines to cut out. Reversed cuttings allow more far from assembling the bands to create the alveolar one which will be placed between two plasterboards. The width of the bands of carton determines the thickness of the partitions.

10 - 1981 - RANGE OF MATERIAL HOVERCRAFTS (BRD 1.6, BRD 127, BRD 550, BRD 1400) [Trade Licenses]

Apparatuses hovercrafts according to a principle conceived by the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU. The principle is to have at least three rooms of lift or more fed each one by a motor bike-propeller made up of a propeller multipales whose end comprises a hoping supporting the magnetic elements of the rotor of the specific engine has high effect of Mocks. The skirts of each room are inflated tori, which allows a buoyancy the stop and a nonturbulent laminar flow in mode of hovercraft. Version BRD 1.6 is a version in which the apparatuses can take off and are comparable to helicopters, but are more powerful and were not equalized yet by the last helicopters in 2012.


The request of the service controls of IBM was to have a machine able to control the sealing of cases having to contain a neutral atmosphere for the good performance of the components placed inside. The machine was to also seal the case under neutral atmosphere.

12 - 1983 - ECHOGRAPH-RÉSONNATEUR called thereafterlithotriptor” [Trade Licenses]

The technology of this apparatus, designed by the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU with his only personal sums of money, was at its time an important advanced technology in the medical field for the evacuation of the lithiases by the natural ways without surgery. The MERRY Professor (Senior of the medical college of Montpellier, Director of Unit INSERM U127 in Montpellier), following and sponsoring the studies of medicine of the physicist to the faculty of Montpellier, and also following his free-lance works, noting that it was used as guinea-pig also sponsored with Mr QUATREFAGES, doctor-engineer of Division Languedoc-Roussillon of french “Génie Biological & Médical” (GBM), for the deposit of a file TLBM close to the Ministry of research so that it secures a loan with reduced tax to acquire guinea-pigs for the experiments in-vivo. They were made indignant by the attitude of the minister of then (J-P CHEVèNEMENT) who the USA of a “reason of State” illegally used to despoil the physicist of his intellectual property and industrial on this apparatus, it without any application of article 17 of the preamble to the French Constitution implying a financial compensation before the appropriation. They were only fifteen years after the bad copy of the basic principle of technology (indicated only in the file) ended in a material closer to that conceived out of prototype by the physicist. It still does not comprise the imagery 3D (revolutionary at the time, especially scans some which was at its beginnings) and the automatic continuation already present in the prototype.

This of course put an end to other developed medical technologies of which in particular a material of treatment of osseous malformations so that the subjects do not need more equipment.


This machine, designed by the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, digital control controlled by computer, makes it possible to obtain parcels closed and labeled for forwarding containing the number and the type of flagstones which were defined. The single flagstones of dimensions can be different colors in the same parcel. The machine thus receive side several finishing lines of different flagstones, of a another alveolar reel of carton which is held and is put flat to be cut out according to the number of plates put out of box.

14 - 1987 - PROBE OF PUNCTURE BIOPSY OF THE LIVER [Request of the Pr Henri MICHEL].

The request of the professor was to find a way to take a piece of liver on a patient, without the patient not being disturbed by the intervention, without this one not lasting too long, and so that the taking away is viable, finally that the intervention is risk-free of perforation nor of internal bleeding. The material designed by the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU with had the advantage of not having the uncomfortable aspect of the process by beveled needle of the American process.  The catheter of the probe is introduced by the iliac one and presents an area of orientation of its end which determines the level of penetration in the thick area of the liver. The trepan made up of three curved blades is spread in corolla in the vein of the liver and in cutting a sample of liver. A tube also leaves the catheter closing again the trepan and both regain the interior of the catheter. This operation of taking away is made in a fraction of a second by a mechanism located in a handful of which by the catheter of single use. The material was developed in China, country including of many patients having a defective liver.


The request of the laboratories was to develop a new manufacturing process making it possible to as manufacture an eye lotion or more effective as a pomade, and as comfortable for the patient as a liquid eye lotion in drops. The developed process was a modification of atomic layers of the active ingredient so that the recovery of the atomic charges of the modified layers is done by capture of the elements on the course making it possible to reach the target to be treated. The active ingredient being put in a neutral liquid. The process is still confidential.

16 - 1994 - TECHNICAL WHOLE OF PROCESSING WASTE AT 100% - Program ORE®[Trade Licenses].

Program ORE®was developed by the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU to meet ecological and economic needs. The process is entirely automatic, it understands the removal of ferrous and nonferrous metals, then a crushing in very small dried particles. The air transport emerges in a special cyclone making it possible to separate the various components by inertia. The separate components are distributed in various points of storage and transformation. The containing hydrocarbon elements go towards the boiler. The biodegradable elements go towards the vertical methanisor designed by the physicist, etc… the factory is acquired by a SCPI which makes an invitation to tender of goods of all waste by a grouping of communes, and rents the factory by providing the contract of service of the communes to a Development company. The SCPI thus receives a rent and a percentage on the turnover making it possible to vary the incomes of sections SCPI.

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