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Profit from 20 to 30 years in technological advance

Serious and irrevocable Financial Guarantees are obligatory,

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With technologies of the “coherent technological Triptych” of the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, he east possible concretely to protect planet, to create jobs, and to start again the economy healthily by producing two clean energies and indefinitely renewable. OBLIGE YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE AND POLITICAL PERSONS IN CHARGE with really acting for your general public interest!

Within the Foundation only associations of elements are valid whose result of change of state gives a repetitive and unquestionable foreseeable result.

Lists of the services

The CBRD-Found.® Foundation has an extent of controlled activities which can appear complex and surprise not initiated people or with formation far away from the scientific discipline of physics applied.

In all the fields which we treat, the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, founder, indicated a single lead conductor, with a common absolute rule offering a guarantee of results.

In addition to thus the TRANSFER OF LICENSES on innovative Technologies in fields economically sensitive to the world plan, to see (in economy) classified as “fundamental innovations” within the meaning of the innovations melting the reason for existence of an industrial production and thus of the profitable investment in this one;

the CBRD-Found.® Foundation has also a BROAD RANGE OF SERVICES according to the same protocol and the same serious one, going even, for the supply turn-key of Special Machines GUARANTEED TO LIVE.

Below, BONDS leading to the SERVICES on the site Engineering CBRD-Found.® Foundation.

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Undoubtedly because since many years largely in advance (generally more than thirty years, whereas the Patents have one period of twenty years validity. Automobile system example anticollision conceived by the founder in 1974 and copied in base of what is placed on the top-of-the-range vehicles since 2008) on what is produced and known of the public,   we do not have thus to yield to the mode launched by the industrialists subjected to the suicidal financial profitability imposed by the creators of the world economic crisis.

We do not conceive and let us cause production of only viable technologies only vectrices of a healthy and durable economy.

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