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Avec les technologies du "Triptyque technologique cohérent" du physicien Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, il est possible de concrètement protéger la planète, créer des emplois, et relancer sainement l'économie en produisant deux énergies propres et indéfiniment renouvelables. OBLIGEZ VOS RESPONSABLES ADMINISTRATIFS ET POLITIQUES à réellement agir pour votre intérêt public général !

The basic music which you will hear in a few moments

is the introduction of a symphony

composed and orchestrated by Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU (Physicist)

© Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU.

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The french physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, founder of CBRD-Found.® was, in 1972, the author of a treaty of physique edited on account of author under the name of “THE PSYCHERGIE OF THE MATTER”. To summarize the treaty an approach gave making it possible to establish a coherence between the various physical components (mineral, vegetable, organic, biological) of our universe. This approach with thus taken again the principles of physics in the quantum securities of the energy charges of the constituent elements atoms.

This in remainder step on the simple level of the atom, but indeed from the point of view of an approach on all matters physical, mineral, vegetable and organic animal. And including within the framework of an extension plus broad philosophical and sociétale suggested by word “PSYCHERGIE”. Word created by the physicist starting from Greek “the psyche” (heart) and of the word plus current: “energy”. The treaty exceeded the simple postulate to establish that the atomic constitution of the matter, and the provision of its energy charges, give in resultant a form of psychology of evolution structured according to the quantum bases of energy constitutions of the groups of atoms. This being valid in a universal, basic way on minerals, plus advanced thanks to the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen (H2o), and still plus advanced for same the reasons in the organic assemblies animal. The edition on account of author being exhausted, the aforementioned treaty east in the course of rewriting and will be edited via “AMAZON KINDLE” at the end of 2014, like the treaty of worldwide economy heading: “The New World Economic Order with its way of calculating of the parity of the currencies, a correction of the role of the IMF, the rule of the three thirds and what results from this from the economic exchanges towards a progress for all the individuals, thanks to the consideration of “Capital Product”, “Capital Labor” and the supply of materials necessary to the research tasks, in the distribution of the FRUITS (profits).

The treaty on “THE PSYCHERGIE OF THE MATTER” was intended to make it possible to the young physicist (in addition several times engineer in various specialities) to have access in free audit to exchange rates of medicine. Later in 1982 with large damns of the Professor of medicine RABISCHONG, the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU desired to deposit a doctorate of medicine; not having step for aim to practice medicine, but simply to have knowledge to conclude various researches which it intended to undertake. Refusal of doctorate also to large damns of the doctor-engineer QUATREFAGES coordinator of Languedoc-Roussillon Division of Genious Biologic and Medical (GBM) of which he belonged step to deposit some of his work as doctorates of engineering (because he would not have to him plus summer possible to sell LICENSES of them, not being step shareholder of the public sector, but exerting independently, private).

It there with thus a little more than thirty year (1982), he was the designer of a whole wide technology of imagery 3D and of destruction of lithiases, for which at the time of a symposium indicated “EURO MEDICINE” in MONTPELLIER (France) several doctors and instructors (close to a small local dictator Socialist National appealing Georges FRÊCHE) wanted to make it pass for “eccentric”, on the basis pseudo-scientist which they supported that (SIC) “the ultrasounds could not pass the cutaneous barrier”. However at that time, echography was at its beginnings, and work of the physicist was constant in DIVISION GBM (DIVISION of Genious Biologic and Médical) by the instructor of medicine RABISCHONG, which had recommended to him to deposit a FILE TLBM close to the MINISTRY FOR HIGHER EDUCATION AND SEARCH to stop being used like guinea-pig of experimentation, and to have the financing of gibbons like guinea-pigs. He also had the support of the MIDDLE-CLASS instructor of NIMES (France), and Mr QUATREFAGES. This file was worth despoiled being of the intellectual property to him and industrial under the blow of an illegal “REASON OF STATE”. This spoliation giving him the right to any allowance in violation of article 17 of the preamble of the French Constitution (Human rights and of the Citizen). At least for the active part of setting at frequency of resonance of the lithiases (in particular gallstones, eliminated by ways natural from the bile duct and the Wirsung channel then digestive tract). Active Part alone described in detail in file TLBM. So what was “THE ÉCHOGRAPHE-RÉSONNATEUR” was indicated “LITHOTRIPTEUR”.

He east important to know this small extract of the history of the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU to understand what east describes in the pages (encrypted) with conditioned access. And of course why these pages are conditioned with an identification for access, the elements which is indicated to it have an important economic value.

Certain elements of these pages are the keys of the comprehension of validity and reliability of the elements present in the technologies subjected to Licenses presented on this site.