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With technologies of the “coherent technological Triptych” of the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, he east possible concretely to protect planet, to create jobs, and to start again the economy healthily by producing two clean energies and indefinitely renewable. OBLIGE YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE AND POLITICAL PERSONS IN CHARGE with really acting for your general public interest!
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Technology of the Dynamic Motor®

This technology introduce the distinctive feature of being able to be integrated in all the types of piston engines, and several stage. What presents an major interest in economic crisis situation for the  households.


We are the only independent unit of research & developments having developed a coherent technology on the energy subject non-polluting production and use.


Electric and hybrid cars

For both

Electric cars

Hybrid cars

Dynamic motor cars®/hydrogen

Turboprop Dynamics®/hydrogen

This fundamental innovation as regards motorization calls into question more than one hundred years of supposed certainty as regards spark-ignition motors. Several doctors in physics, not knowing each other, having attentively analyzed the principles of physique governing this technology, all had the same surprising assertion (sic): “The technology of the Dynamic® Motor is a similar technical revolution on the way of the candle to the incandescent lamp”.

Indeed, the piston transmits a force in a linear movement, and the finality is to obtain a force in a circular motion. The system of rods and crankshaft was inherited the steam engines. Like besides the orientation of calculations of thermodynamics. However so for the steam engines the principles of thermodynamics are applicable, in the spark-ignition engines (fast development into overall of forces), the calorific effect is rather a parasitic element created by containment, and maintains it of the same volume whereas the explosion develops by the major mechanical opposition which the rods and the crankshaft form on mainly 45° starting from the TDC (Top Dead Center) as in the end of the road before reaching BDC (Bottom Dead Center) whereas the force of pushed weakened piston. Thus, in particular on the level of the 45° after the TDC, most of the force of the explosion is transformed into heat. It is the relation between the propagation velocity of the explosion and the speed of exhaust of the 45° which governs the optimal number of revolutions to have the best couple. Although this is very relative, since for the 90° remaining the rod is in skew compared to the piston (from where ovalisation of the rooms), with increased frictions and there still transformation into heat.

The “Technology of the Dynamic Motor®is the mechanical solution making it possible to reconcile the physical reality of explosions, and the objective to transmit the force without mechanical opposition, and better still in a circular motion with a constant couple, the whole of the physical and mechanical components respecting the precepts of design establish by the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU: “Any assembly simple like complex, mechanics, physics, chemical, biological, is acceptable only in the imperative condition to give a repetitive and unquestionable result”.

It is this rule which carries out to conceive technical units in which what are negative effects which are added to the detriment of an output (as a stacking of energy conversions which piles up the losses); become positive supplementing the improvements already made in the basic physical principles.



This extends even on the level from other positive effects in the objective ZERO POLLUTION:

1/ The basic machine element (the “MODULE”) can be set up on all the types of piston motors.

2/ The very high output of this technology allows the use of renewable clean energies.

3/ It allows in particular the use of hydrogen, 10 liters of liquid hydrogen make it possible to traverse 1,000 km!

4/ The industrial production of hydrogen is possible by Aeolians BRD® with vertical axis.

RECALL & COMPARISON. The technology of the Dynamic Motor© avoids serious errors!

There is a physical reality which is knowingly forgotten in the pseudonym demonstrations of the car manufacturers and, of course of the political officials which guarantees this form of swindle:

Any energy conversion consumes energy!

As follows:


  1. Any moving traffic owes this one with the power consumption by its spark-ignition engine;

  1. Any energy restored, after storage resulting from the kinetic energy, is lower than the kinetic volume of recovered energy;

  1. Any electrical energy resulting from the general network, various producers and distributed by ERDF, is to be deduced from the general provision used in fixed telephone (domestic needs and industrialists).

This technology, designed by the physicist Jean-Pierre j. BRUNEAU, practical application of quantum physics, presents the characteristic of a very high output (to the top of 90%), and of a constant couple during all the travel of the pistons, and it includes in its applications :

The French marks having their Logotype on the left have an important motor technical delay compared to others adopting the technology of the « Dynamic Motor® ».

Claim with these manufacturers to pass to the technology of the “Dynamic Engine ®”!

Situation economic to know for the market of this technology  

You are not unaware of the important difference between alleged consumption and real consumption. Tests carried out show for example which the vehicle headlight of PEUGEOT consumes 60% of more than alleged consumption! The same reconditioned engine would not be this that with the first phase of the “Technology of the Dynamic Motor ® ” by three the petrol consumption would divide, and by two the gas oil consumption.

But maybe Mr SAINT GEOURS since 2012 contestant trademarks will evolve PSA this powerful and reliable technology... or will he participate in a need for funds due to strategic errors.

A historical & scientific background …

For more than 100 years, it has been developed a technology of «explosions motors», improperly called «combustion motors». Technology incorporating the principle of the cranks associated with rods containing what was adopted for steam machines.

Naturally, since more than one hundred years, these engines were institutionalized from this double confusion of transformation of a linear motion in circular motion, and in the same way as did CARNOT himself, so by putting completely aside the physical reality in the relativity of the velocity of motion between things in the presence. Particularly in the basis of the principles of thermodynamics. CARNOT, in «wise politician family tradition» simply transposed the way of thinking of the method of management of public finances where one hand disappears without rendering it in account. The character has therefore established a formula where than even a share of the forces in presence disappears, and is not considered though not least. Recalled that among other things he simply ignored knowingly formation of heat to the compression of a gas, and what physically creates the heat. Conventional piston engines calculations are always based on the Foundation established by CARNOT, and within more a mechanism that creates a mechanical opposition to the expansion of gases in the explosion.

TO STAY SIMPLE AND ACCESSIBLE EVEN TO THE DUNCES IN PHYSICS FROM SCHOOLS OF STATE ADMINISTRATION (in France ENA), it is therefore a thing between the relationship of expansion of gas by the heat, and another as the relationship of expansion of gas in an explosion. The approach at the level of the atom is very different!

Although in both cases there may be a change by passing (quasi) irreversibly matter from one State to another State in which there is more material elements (body) initial;

IN AN EXPLOSION, the thermal aspect is in fact that a phenomenon parasite more important when the explosive element is denser, less important when it is less dense, and course according to the proportion of oxidizer. In the explosion dynamics of particles to obtain a directly exploitable force mechanically.

However, where things break down again, it is at the level of the conversion of a set of forces channeled to produce a linear motion of pistons, in circular motion, the purpose of which is to be applied to wheels to move a mass. Plaintext is are added language errors, errors of calculation and physical errors. Hence, the deplorable yields of piston engines, despite the electronics which appeared.

Of «MOTORS DYNAMICS TECHNOLOGY ®» share of the physical realities of explosions, and of the differential relationship between the force of the explosion and the force of inertia of the mass to put in motion, through mechanisms, with quantum physics and non-thermodynamic calculations.