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Profit from 20 to 30 years in technological advance

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With technologies of the “coherent technological Triptych” of the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, he east possible concretely to protect planet, to create jobs, and to start again the economy healthily by producing two clean energies and indefinitely renewable. OBLIGE YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE AND POLITICAL PERSONS IN CHARGE with really acting for your general public interest!
Page version française Aeolians BRD® vertical axis

The “technology of the Aeolian with VERTICAL AXIS BRD®”.


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Aeolian great power 100 to 500 kw peak & 5 MW à 500 MW peak 5 with 500 MW peak 130129_-_info_coherence_eoliennes_pdf_web_-_ve.pdf

It thus rests on these mayors knowledge to show their commitment for the public interest, and particularly that of its voters, by reducing the energy costs.

Electricity, hydrogen for the reconditioned municipal vehicles.

5 with 10 kW peak

The Technology of wind mills BRD® to vertical axis east a solution particularly property adapted to the deductions of the communal  charges and the respect of the duty of the mayors on this subject, as as regards environmental protection.



We are the only independent unit of research & developments having developed a coherent technology on the energy subject non-polluting production and use.


Electric and hybrid cars

For both

Electric cars

Hybrid cars

Dynamic motor cars®/hydrogen

Turboprop Dynamics®/hydrogen


The coherent technological triptych consists of THREE FUNDAMENTAL TECHNOLOGICAL ELEMENTS.

THE FIRST is fundamental for the PROTECTION OF THE PLANET by the continuous production of a clean energy indefinitely renewable. This exclusive technology was also discussed on its economic appearance to be consistent with the TREATY OF GLOBAL ECONOMY of the physicist founder of CBRD-Found.®. It is this technology that is the subject of this page and the following.

THE SECOND AS THE THIRD element of the triptych, the exploitation optimized energy. It comes from the “DYNAMIC ENGINE TECHNOLOGY ®", and "THE DYNAMIC TURBOPROP TECHNOLOGY ®”.