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Profit from 20 to 30 years in technological advance

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With technologies of the “coherent technological Triptych” of the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, he east possible concretely to protect planet, to create jobs, and to start again the economy healthily by producing two clean energies and indefinitely renewable. OBLIGE YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE AND POLITICAL PERSONS IN CHARGE with really acting for your general public interest!
Page version française It is important to well  understand architecture and strategy of the development project

For memory, the whole of the project rests on the development of the “COHERENT TECHNOLOGICAL TRIPTYCH” including the “Technology of the Dynamic Motor ®”, the “Technology of the Dynamic Turbopropeller ®”, and the “Technology of Aeolians BRD ® in Vertical Axe”.

The world current economic context creates a foreseeable phase of important mutation (see “THE GAZETTE” and french book “THE OLIGARCHY OF THE INCOMPETENTS). The “COHERENT TECHNOLOGICAL TRIPTYCH” has the distinctive feature of being completely compatible with existing the technique like economic. The Dynamic Motor® uses the base of the piston engines which can thus be reconditioned in two phases, with in first phase the “MODULE ®” replacing the attachment connecting rod and crankshaft and carrying the output of the engines gasoline like diesel with more than 90 % (with as much of economy while fuel and reduction of pollution). In second phase, the “Cylinder head Dynamic ®” which makes it possible these same engines to use all the types of currently available fuels (gasoline, diesel oil, LPG, bio fuels), and in particular Hydrogen in the long term produces by “Aeolians BRD ® in Vertical Axe”.

In addition to the fact that this enters and exceeds even the European directives as regards control of indefinitely renewable and non polluting energies of the production to the exploitation, in the current context, this allows several considerable economic effects.

First important effect on the profitability of the investment (Production units employing each one to the maximum 800 people) by a penetration of a new market, the capacity of modularity offers a flexibility of development strategy. On the level of the market, the progressive reconditioning of the world park of engines is accessible to the households having a vehicle, with a damping over two years for approximately 40.000 km/year on average. The aspect of reduction of consumption being a sensitive subject of passage to the act of purchase, including for the households which are not in the state not in capacity to reinvest in a new vehicle. Useless to say that for the professionals of transport, the reconditioning of the engines of their park in ownership permit them a damping much faster (on a financial year) although the “MODULE ®” their is accessible at a higher price (whereas the manufacturing costs are hardly higher). The profitability of the investment even makes it possible to lay down my “RULE OF THE THREE THIRDS” on the benefit (which I had exposed to Nicolas SARKOZY, and about which he had spoken publicly but that its intendance did not know to understand in economic dynamic).

Concerning “Aeolians BRD ® in Vertical Axe, those have the distinctive feature of having a much less large impact aggressive on the environment (in the concept protestor of the ecologists), a height (ATC) of a maximum of 50 meters, and of an architectural aspect adaptable to the sites of implant, near the cities and villages of use of electricity, like points of distribution of hydrogen energy, these machines produce electrical energy according to the request and not according to the presence for winds. The operating range is important, energy of winds of 8 km/h to 500 km/h (storm tide level) they offer a continuity of energy distribution, including in situation of difficult climate, the proximity avoiding the energy losses of the networks make it possible those to be buried. The opening of the supply makes it possible investors independent to develop companies of distribution, and the historical supplier can also invest in these machines to ensure less cost a service non dependant on the bad weather, and to save on the renewal of network VHV of distribution. Let us note that the proximity returns the cost of the kW/h lower than that of the hydraulic stopping's, and quite lower than that of the Nuclear power station, which would then be reserved for the industrial heavy needs. It would thus not have required a compensation of the state there to establish a reasonable price of distribution (thus allowing to reduce the public charge).

As you can note it in these some basic explanations (many others can be provided to assemble technical coherence as economic of the “COHERENT TECHNOLOGICAL TRIPTYCH) show you that the study is not superficial and simply technique, but write down also positively in an unfavorable economic context, while creating a perspective for way out of crisis, associated in addition with the project with “New world Economic Order” with the new “way of calculating with the parity with the currencies” (follows the connection).