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With technologies of the “coherent technological Triptych” of the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, he east possible concretely to protect planet, to create jobs, and to start again the economy healthily by producing two clean energies and indefinitely renewable. OBLIGE YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE AND POLITICAL PERSONS IN CHARGE with really acting for your general public interest!
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For some people benefited from the notorious incompetence in the physical realities of individuals from the political environment as high administrations to promote of appalling technical nonsense in contrast of any sustainability and the alleged efforts of environmental protection. After COPENHAGEN, PARIS in December 2015. Costly meetings in which national public interests as international are ignored as the necessity to protect the environment by POLICYMAKERS AS SENIOR OFFICIALS, this then that obstruction is made to the "COHERENT TECHNOLOGICAL TRIPTYCH"!

Exemples :

The electric car uses electric motors powered by batteries. LITHIUM batteries have a service life of only two years in the State. After this period, the outfit in charge is reduced significantly. After this period, these batteries represent a pollution of sixty years. On the other hand, the autonomy of distance is very limited and will be to the best of 100 km, and still, day and summer. Because of night and in the winter there is consumption of electricity for lighting and heating. This performance is so far from the 800 to 1,000 km range of motor vehicles to exhibitions.

The batteries must be recharged. To do so, two solutions are envisaged; but both pose a problem. On the essentials::

  1. General solution: RELOADING TERMINALS. Taking into account the limitation in mileage of these vehicles, they are limited in urban areas (which is not economically viable for households, especially in times of economic crisis, in addition require a parking place).

The French territory should be a minimum mesh size of 80,000 points recharging with several terminals, knowing that it takes 24 hours for classic reloading, and 3 hours for a fast charge. To note that quick reloading significantly reduced the duration of battery life.

  1. Solution proposed by the Group DASSAULT France (one who built unsaleable aircraft without subsidies from the french State): REPLACING THE BATTERY EMPTY AGAINST A CHARGED BATTERY. This solution involves having the same number of distribution points, i.e. 80,000 distribution points.

It takes more than the standard batteries are the same for all types of vehicles of categories and there is a stock sufficient in each category to each distribution point. Suffice to say it is a view of the spirit which will never be a viable economic reality, because in the least frequent points there will be an additional cost of maintenance the battery charging.

IN BOTH CASES, the power shall be produced, and these aren't the traditional Aeolian solutions (producing when there is wind and not when there is the need of electricity) which can therefore produce this electricity. Nuclear plants whose energy is imported for the France cannot produce electricity, everywhere creates nuclear waste active over a very long period, and reserves, which are being depleted, located more in politically unstable areas.

The hybrid car recharges its batteries with energy oil (gasoline efficiency 33%, diesel efficiency 43%) or LPG (27% yield). The argument of the recovery of kinetic energy as a non-polluting clean energy source is somewhat far-fetched and worthy of public fraud of FrenchEnarques”. Indeed, this kinetic energy is produced by the energy of the classic combustion engine.

It is also a little quickly forget this physical reality which is that any transformation energy consumers energy. However, already, all the electrical equipment is a load which inertia consumes energy.

We also respond to sales engineers of different automakers all oddly having this same somewhat distant speech from the physical realities. These, to wacky every time proven quibbles course, then gave what they believed to be a major argument: it is recovered the vehicle kinetic energy when it descends a slope. This we simply responded them that in the first place should be the slope exists. In the second place, it took the vehicle to be at the top of the slope. Finally, the question is to know what energy led the vehicle at the top of the slope.

The use of electric drive systems thus adds additional energy losses lowering the efficiency of engines to explosions during their use, by losses at the level of the electric generator, the losses in electrical conductors and regulators, losses in electric motors. Therefore, mathematical physical realities show that the overall performance of these vehicles when using their engine(s) power(s) is less than 33% for vehicles with petrol motors, less than 43% for vehicles with diesel motors, less than 27% for LPG motors. The pollution of each is therefore increased so much for each.

This simple demonstration shows the extent of the public fraud by adding unfair charges users of conventional explosions engines.

On the other hand, faced with this nonsense technical and economic elements of the «TRIPTYCH TECHNOLOGY COHERENT» composed the «BRD ® Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Technology» producing pollution-free and continuously according to need, two clean energy (electricity and hydrogen) indefinitely renewable. The «Dynamic Motor Technology ®» for the repackaging of conventional engines piston making them polluting. It is a modular evolution to be economically accessible to households. The «Technology Of Turboprop Dynamic ®» for aviation in replacement of the reactors by allowing a zero pollution, less noise and more thrust. It allows more again access to long haul commercial supersonic flights.

You can access these technologies by the menu at the top, or the following buttons:

The «TRIPTYCH TECHNOLOGY COHERENT» is a response physical and economic needs real protection of the planet in an economic context of crisis.

It was designed by the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU taking into account physical parameters to obtain an answer repetitive and some in technical applications with total consistency, including with the economic parameters of profitability including social protection of actors with their «WORKING CAPITAL».

COPENHAGEN The public policy makers scam!