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Avec les technologies du "Triptyque technologique cohérent" du physicien Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, il est possible de concrètement protéger la planète, créer des emplois, et relancer sainement l'économie en produisant deux énergies propres et indéfiniment renouvelables. OBLIGEZ VOS RESPONSABLES ADMINISTRATIFS ET POLITIQUES à réellement agir pour votre intérêt public général !

In France, the Head of State and these members of the government received the information (by post registered with defendant-reception) concerning the « COHERENT TECHNOLOGICAL TRIPTYCH » designed by the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU.

VIS-A-VIS THE BEHAVIOR OF FRANCE TOWARDS IMPOVERISHMENT BY THESE OLIGARCHS, he with thus explained again by the menu major interest for the country adopting this succeeded technological concept, of which :

THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT is thus at the bottom of wall :


Like Citizen, Citizen, consumers, you have without any doubt confronted with the increase without end of energy and in particular of the oil fuels.

You have thus the choice to remain passive and to undergo this dictatorship, simply to note the governmental serious errors, you have of it opposite an outline of the causes (detailed in the video of “the Gazette) as of the head offices former large French manufacturers who find excuses whimsical to justify their delocalizations.

As shown, on 64 € put in the tank, the French State pockets 38 € of them is more half. One can thus wonder what could motivate the political officials for indeed seeing developing a clean energy, replacing oil energy advantageously; by reducing by 26 % the 64 € to the pump!

The (French) state keeping the same resources.

In particular by the HYDROGEN energy produced by AEOLIANS BRD® WITH VERTICAL AXIS, therefore reducing to a low level the goods of this energy (lower than that of the refining in the example above on the left).

You are a voter, whatever your political opinions, you can note each day that the political officials of all edges were unable to act in the public interest, in your interest. While not acting you admit that you will have to pay energy more and more, to see that you play your employment with the lottery. They are not these people above who will give you a section of their sumptuary resources to help you when their bad decisions put to you on the straw.

You are mechanical entrepreneur of production. You can obtain new market viable while taking part in the development of technologies of the triptych. Contact us, and together we will have the force to make change the vision of the persons in charge, and compel the french “ÉNARQUES” ones not to persist in the error to the detriment of the Citizens.

You feel economically and/or ecologically concerned, then you express:

You have also the choice to see employment disappearing from France, and to circulate in polluting vehicles, or using an electrical energy produced thanks to an oil or nuclear pollution, while speaking about green ecology…

You thus have these choices, like that to express you close to your elected officials, as of the Head of State in order to see leading in the facts technologies which correspond to the statement:

The “Technology of the DYNAMIC MOTOR ®” (consumption divided by three, clean energy).

The “Technology of AEOLIANS BRD ®TO VERTICAL AXIS” (production 24:00 /24 of energy).

The “Technology of the DYNAMIC TURBOPROPELLERS ®”.

Our technologies make it possible to reach quickly levels of pollution reduced to zero of the production the exploitation of energy, but also to place at the first rank the manufacturers who will adopt technologies of the “DYNAMIC MOTOR ®” and the “DYNAMIC TURBOPROPELLER ®”, able to divide by three fuel consumption, and to use the clean fuel in full safety, while preserving the autonomy reached by the vehicles ordinary using the oil fuels.

Better still, this technology of the “DYNAMIC MOTOR ®” is compatible with all the piston engines exploited in the world. An mondial industry of reconditioning will be creative employment!

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