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With technologies of the “coherent technological Triptych” of the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, he east possible concretely to protect planet, to create jobs, and to start again the economy healthily by producing two clean energies and indefinitely renewable. OBLIGE YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE AND POLITICAL PERSONS IN CHARGE with really acting for your general public interest!
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Us naps sorry duty to teach you that the founder undergone some medical examinations to determine the possible surgical care and especially without surgery, inter alia, by ultrasonic mid-sized’s conceived by itself to treat what causes to him a progression of paralysis of the lower extremities. But and so the Source on the level of the PANCREAS of the disordered states of the contributions in its job functions exocrines (sodium bicarbonate, secretin, enzymes) and endocrine (insulin, pancreatic glucagon, somatostatine, polyperptide). Subject currently of importance growing for the patients reached of diabetes.

On this occasion, the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU will resume his work on the use of the medical matter ultrasounds which had due being closures he there at about thirty year during the spoliation of the intellectual and industrial property by the French State under pseudonym “Reason of State” of the technology of “THE ECHOGRAPH RESONATOR” called party by despoiler “LITHOTRIPTEUR” by government (MITTERRAND) French of the time. They was inter alia processing osseous malformations, as well as processing of venous calcifications (in particular following cholesterol).

On some scientific matter realities, about ten years before the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU on account of author a treaty of physics under the heading “THE PSYCHERGIE OF THE MATTER” had edited. The word “psychergie” east a word created by the author starting from “psyche” (heart) and of “energy” because the purpose of the treaty was to give a broad new approach as regards physics, making it possible to include the alive one there, by treating the whole of materials with the level of the composition of the energy charges of the components of the atoms. Field plus broad, including with the philosophical plan, since he shown east that any matter with what, the plan of alive, east of the psychological field. All in all that any matter with a specific psychology of evolution to its atomic physical nature. This approach was in link of development of the theories as regards quantum physics, by opening new horizons in addition fort disputed by many scientists member of this financial oligarchy and policy because gets along for them as “crime of injures majesty” since escaping their single control allowing them a broad public deception. It there with a little more than thirty years, the spoliation of the intellectual property and industrial of technology of what was indicated under the name of “LITHOTRIPTEUR” was the beginning of shares much plus active destinies to ruin economically the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, and implicitly to reach are physical integrity (physical attacks which it with used and uses to carry out of other work in the medical field while being his own guinea-pig).

Incidentally, it is observed that the doctor biologist Jacques BENVENISTE (March 12th, 1935 - October 3rd, 2004) and so largely was even disparaged disparaged for his work on “the memory of water” which is one of the applications of what was described in the first edition of the treaty of the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU (a new brought up to date edition east in the course of writing). We find these denigrations with respect to the “COHERENT TECHNOLOGICAL TRIPTYCH”, and in particular on the level of the “TECHNOLOGY OF the DYNAMIC ENGINE ©” with the quantum mathematical demonstration of the very high-productivity allowing a sedentary use of the clean energy of its production its exploitation. Indefinitely renewable Clean energy.

He pointed out east that at the time (it there at about thirty years), at the time of demonstrations known under the name “EURO-MÉDECINE” the medical community of the experts of medicine close to the mayor of Montpellier and the French president to then (François MITTERRAND) claimed that the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU was (sic) “an eccentric because the ultrasounds did not pass step the cutaneous barrier”. Since it had there the hardware of echography with imagery 3D as envisaged and tested in prototype 2 of the “ECHOGRAPH RESONATOR” before the economic sanctions applied to the desired physicist to have to assert the application of article 17 of the preamble to the French Constitution (text called party “human rights and of the Citizen).

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