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With technologies of the “coherent technological Triptych” of the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, he east possible concretely to protect planet, to create jobs, and to start again the economy healthily by producing two clean energies and indefinitely renewable. OBLIGE YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE AND POLITICAL PERSONS IN CHARGE with really acting for your general public interest!
Page version française The Technology of Dynamic motor ® (Continuation 2)

The reconditioning of motors as the installment of origin of « MODULES ® » at the same time makes it possible to enter concretely a surface of environmental protection, a durable energy independence, a positive access economically for the households to environmental protection without misuse of public money to support the trade of vehicles (since the redemption of the reconditioning fact under 18 months)…

The physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU with thus conceived the « TECHNOLOGY OF the DYNAMIC ENGINE ® » which completely eliminates these two problems as regards transmission from force either: mechanical opposition between the rod and the crankshaft, and the ovalization of the combustion chambers.

Establishment of a « MODULES ® » instead of the attachment rods and crankshaft with thus solved these two problems all into bearing the output of the reconditioned engine with 90%. The other advantage of the aforesaid « MODULES ® » east being COMPLETELY COMPATIBLE with all the types of  pistons motors, whatever the relative position of the pistons between them.

What, in a difficult economic context concretely makes it possible to financially improve these engines by a reconditioning (including for example a reconditioning which can intervene within the framework of an intervention of maintenance in guarantee manufacturer) ACCESSIBLE TO ALL the OWNERS OF VEHICLES (from six times minus at say time minus that the acquisition of an electric vehicle or hybrid) AND REDEEMABLE AT WORST ON 60,000 KM (that is to say only one year and half at a rate of 40,000 km/an considered for the value ARGUS PHEASANT of the vehicle) while making it possible to the manufacturers to produce the « BASIC DYNAMIC MOTOR ® » by installing origin of the « MODULES ® ».

Another point was approached, with the economic plan like supply and of security, which east that of energy for these engines, and in the state the gas oil, the petrol, organic-fuel, LPG. Noting on the one hand that these fuels have more and more the costs of extraction or production, of speculation, besides geopolitical problems and governmental taxes return the cost to the pump (< to follow the link, french situation and explanation animated) less and less accessible for the users (Households, Enterprises, River Maritime and Terrestrial Transporters, Flying).


Contrary to the fuel extractions fossil (oil), gas extractions (including gas of rock), the « TECHNOLOGY OF THE INTEGRAL DYNAMIC MOTOR ® » east compatible with all the types of fuels with however a serious reduction in their consumption. But what fact its force besides this compatibility, it east its capacity of operation with HYDROGEN product by the « AEOLIANS BRD ® WITH VERTICAL AXIS ». The motors equipped by reconditioning with the elements with « Technology with the Dynamic Motor ® » becomes clean motors being able to use the clean energy of its production to its exploitation.

Les données économiques sont parlantes au niveau des marchés. La page suivante en donne une petite idée, puisque l’étude a été réalisée uniquement au niveau des moteurs équipant les véhicules (VL, PL, autocars). Ne sont pas compris les moteurs en poste fixe, les moteurs d’engins, les moteurs d’avions à hélices, les moteurs de  péniches, les moteurs de bateaux fluviaux, les moteurs de bateaux maritimes, les moteurs de porte-containers, les moteurs de transport de liquides (supers tankers), les moteurs de motrices de trains…

The economic situation is speaking on the level about the markets. The next page gives a little idea of it, since the study at summer realized only at the level of the motors equipping vehicles (VL, PL, Bus, Coaches). The motors in fixed telephone are not understood step, the motors of machines, the motors of propeller planes, the motors of barges, the motors of inland waterway vessels, the motors of maritime boats, the motors of container ship, the motors of transport of liquids (super tankers), the motors of motor coaches of trains…

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