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With technologies of the “coherent technological Triptych” of the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, he east possible concretely to protect planet, to create jobs, and to start again the economy healthily by producing two clean energies and indefinitely renewable. OBLIGE YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE AND POLITICAL PERSONS IN CHARGE with really acting for your general public interest!
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The “Aeolians BRD® with vertical axis” are a significant component of the indefinitely renewable and clean energy solution of the production to the exploitation of the “COHERENT TECHNOLOGICAL TRIPTYCH”. If solar energy is an energy not to be neglected, it presents in the state and still for many years a solution requiring an important influence on the environment, for share like that of the organic-fuels, encroaching on the agricultural lands or vegetable forest.

Here, we will explain you the considerable advantage of these Aeolians which have the effect of producing energy, even in periods of absence of wind. Indeed, not only these machines have an output much more raised than the Aeolians with horizontal axis, but moreover they are different from the other Aeolians with vertical axis by their capacitance to produce energy according to the need and not according to the presence of wind by a double reserve of energy (gavitationnelle & hydrogen).

For hydrogen, stored in a tank under the building, an “integral dynamic motor®” actuates the generator in alternative to the gravitational system. These machines are indeed computed in order to produce the quantity necessary of energy for the requirement in supply, but also a surplus to meet the requirements in absence of wind for the site.

The « coherent technological triptych » (The « Dynamic Motor ® » in the wind mills)

Although the spark-ignition motors have been applied for more than one hundred years, except for the attempt at Wenkel (which short-term installation a problem of sealing of the rooms), all manufacturers of motors (whose car manufacturers) do not have step have attempts successful to increase to a significant degree their output. Significant efforts one carried primarily on the management of combustion, but the main part of the losses east due to the attachment rods and crankshaft in its transformation of a linear movement into circular motion. Indeed, this one comprises on half of the movement in active phase (development of the explosion) a mechanical opposition which converts mechanical energy of the explosion into thermal energy dissipated in the driving block.

The above picture on the left east a practical example that everyone can test with a gate:

  1. Push the gate as shown in the image, it east what fact the piston on the rod and the crank of the crankshaft.
  2. Push perpendicular to the panel of the gate, it east what fact the « MODULE ® » on the driving shaft.

Already on the level of the chemical definition of « COMBUSTION » as regards in fact a « EXPLOSION », it there with a problem of language (probably due to preceding by the steam engines, and their use of pistons acting on rods putting in rotation the wheels) which with armature obstinacy to preserve the concept of « THERMODYNAMICS » for the spark-ignition engines, whereas they are precisely explosions (particular form of fast combustion) of which the thermal aspect east (in the proportion of the effects) that a parasitic phenomenon.

The physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU with thus have a different approach on two levels.

This can undoubtedly appear paradoxical, but in the scientific approach's which characterizes it and after an observation of the economic situation and supplied energies in general (energies which are inputs in the language of ecology thereafter, we say property in the language and only the language), the physicist with thus fact an inventory of fixtures on energies present and easily accessible in a durable way, as well as an economic assessment in which at the time towards and against all it deducted of it the strong probability of an economic crisis of a world width per effect of dominos by an improper use of virtual currencies by the BANKS and collecting of the fruits of « CAPITAL WORK » for to increase the fruits of the « CAPITAL PRODUCT ». Of this he of resulted east that no had to be examined only the financial errors, but and so material errors, such an amount of on the side of the prospect and energy resources exploited for exploitations (fossil energies, gas of rock, nuclear energies,…). It notes two curves opposite. World increase in the population, and reduction in the limited resources exploited as in prospects for exploitations.

Of this he of east resulted the imperative to find a clean energy and indefinitely renewable, easily convertible need in another energy of which easy east storage including in a need for mobility. SOLAR ENERGY being already in development, it present however a problem of imposing weak output of large surfaces of collecting, the use of materials resulting from « rare earths », and mid-sized's of storage of which the basic material (LITHIUM) installation amongst other things the weak problem of limit of exploitation in the accumulators, and a long life of pollution. For some time he east much question « GAS OF ROCK ». If exploitation of OIL with lasted a hundred years, with increasingly prohibitory costs of extraction (and who was also generating of an economic crisis), this famous « GAS OF ROCK » installation the considerable problem of pollution of the water tables at the same time when the concern of the drinking water east in the spirits. As for the quantity available it will not be step insisted on the lie maintained, which in any event following the example of the BIOMASS FUEL will have a considerable influence on the arable lands, with a population increasingly important to nourish.

THE WIND present a permanent presence, according to well-known phenomena of the meteorologists. However the physicist with fact two reports. On the wind itself which east constant step in a place given, and on the methods of collecting by wind mills with horizontal axis, as with vertical axis, which that is to say oblige with a certain gigantism of the « revolving wings » with multiple problems of orientation of the axis, important minimum wind and maximum wind fable, technologies at the top of mast in front of using materials resulting from « rare earths », …

Of this he of with resulted to conceive a set of production and of exploitation of indefinitely renewable clean energies. Production and exploitation guarantor with the needs for availability of energies when it is necessary and where it is necessary, economic in the cost of implementation and maintenance, compatible with what exists to allow an access compatible with the resources of the households.

Why « Technology of the Dynamic Engine ® »?

Initially, during the study made before the economic crisis and in preparation for this one, the inventory of fixtures on the technical level with fact of appearing that it was necessary to determine in the industrial production existing that which was plus ready to use one of the energies produced by the « wind mills BRD ® with vertical axis ». Liquid hydrogen east thus proven energy plus power in a minimum of volume of storage with a minimum of weight, easy to transshipping. In addition, the report was fact that the cylindrical system of combustion chambers at removable bottom (piston motors) was plus viable long-term on the level of the aforesaid rooms.

However other reports are facts, in particular on the level of the mode of transformation of the force of the explosion on the piston in a linear movement, in couple in a circular motion by the attachment rods and crankshaft. Indeed, (For Memory) this mechanism form a MECHANICAL OPPOSITION on half of the movement during the explosion (50% at the beginning of the explosion, 50% in the end of the road). And it east this same attachment which involves an ovalization of this fact and combustion chambers form escapes. Problem which cannot that to develop the more so as exploited energy will be plus powerful. In addition it east this attachment which creates an output of 27% for the LPG with fast deflagration, 33% for the PETROL with deflagration minus rapid that the LPG, 43% for the GAS OIL of which the deflagration east plus slow.

The physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU with thus conceived the « TECHNOLOGY OF THE DYNAMIC MOTOR ® » which mitigates these two problems as regards transmission of force and to eliminate the mechanical opposition from the attachment rod and crankshaft, as well as the ovalization of the combustion chambers. It east thus a « MODULE ® » of its concept which comes instead of the attachment rods and crankshaft with thus solved this problem all into bearing the output from the reconditioned engine to 90%. The other advantage of this « MODULE ® » east being COMPLETELY COMPATIBLE WITH ALL the TYPES OF PISTON MOTORS, whatever the relative position of the pistons between them.

What, in a difficult economic context makes it possible to improve these engines by a reconditioning (for example within the framework of maintenance in guarantee manufacturer) while continuing to produce the remainder of the engine but by installing origin the « MODULE ® ».

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