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With technologies of the “coherent technological Triptych” of the physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU, he east possible concretely to protect planet, to create jobs, and to start again the economy healthily by producing two clean energies and indefinitely renewable. OBLIGE YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE AND POLITICAL PERSONS IN CHARGE with really acting for your general public interest!
Page version française Aeolians BRD® vertical axis

The Aeolians BRD® with vertical axis are a significant component of the indefinitely renewable and clean energy solution of the production to the exploitation of the “COHERENT TECHNOLOGICAL TRIPTYCH”. If solar energy is an energy not to be neglected, it presents in the state and still for many years a solution requiring an important influence on the environment, for share like that of the organic-fuels, encroaching on the agricultural lands or vegetable forest.

Here, we will explain you the considerable advantage of these wind mills which have the effect of producing energy, even in periods of absence of wind. Indeed, not only these machines have an output much more raised than the Aeolians with horizontal axis, but moreover they are different from the other wind mills with vertical axis by their capacitance to produce energy according to the need and not according to the presence of wind by a double reserve of energy (gavitationnelle & hydrogen). For hydrogen, stored in a tank under the building, an “integral dynamic motor®” actuates the generator in alternative to the gravitational system. These machines are indeed computed in order to produce the quantity necessary of energy for the requirement in supply, but also a surplus to meet the requirements in absence of wind for the site.

The coherent technological triptych (The Motor Dynamic ® in wind turbines)

Opposite, the schema gives a general idea of principle of optimization of wind capture. Unlike all wind turbines vertical axis solutions, BRD ® solution protects the rising wings of the wind, freeing all of the force of the wind on the top-down wings. Better yet, wing body forms a direct access of the wind towards the exit, with an effect Accelerator forming Venturi effect. What increases the power sent to the axis.

The opening of the General entrance to wind module directly by the force of the wind that guides the whole by a mechanical process driven by the wind.

The physicist Jean-Pierre J. BRUNEAU took a different approach from those of all other concepts of wind turbines, whether horizontal or vertical axis. The principle established as fundamental to respect within the Foundation CBRD-Found. ® rule, (all physical assemblies must produce a result that is repetitive and certain to be heard valid) the "BRD ® Vertical Axis Aeolians" are distinguished by an optimized association of events that positively add to the aim instead of events that come in negative compared to the goal.

Example 1: to HORIZONTAL AXIS AEOLIANS, the axis must be identical to the axis of the wind. That involves a consumer of energy system, this orientation system is not taken from the wind, because the size of the propellers stop him. The efficiency of the propellers being low, the generator should be directly on the axis of the propellers, requires components (permanent magnets) implementation (foregone scarce earth) is very pollute.

Example 2: for VERTICAL AXIS AEOLIAN, the rising wings receive wind as the top-down wings. If a curved shape creates a slight difference of applied forces, he is already forgotten some basic rules of aerodynamics that make the turbulence generated on the back of the rising wing mathematically than that generated at the back of the descending wing (already due to the direction of movement of rotation). There is therefore more the difference in resultant of forces between the concave and the convex shape of the wings that creates a force that may be superior on the wing backward (through the effect of increase range by the wind ejected from the concave part) to have a workable result on the axis.

The "BRD ® VERTICAL AXIS AEOLIANS" have therefore avoided the problems notable examples '1' & '2' and have a technical configuration which instead positively combines all the elements. We have seen above (paragraphs in blue to the right of the schema general principle) some elements for uptake and exploitation of the wind (which allows a result with a wind speed of only 8 km/h, up to 500 km/h wind, storm level identified in France in winter 2013/2014).

But this is not limited to the single level of uptake of the wind. For example, THERE IS NO NEED FOR ELECTRICITY only when it's day with clear skies (for solar panels), or day or night when winds are present and disappear (for conventional wind turbines in horizontal axis, as conventional vertical-axis).

The « BRD ® VERTICAL AXIS AEOLIANS » have the peculiarity of having a separation and a double security, between the optimized uptake of the energy of the wind and electricity continuously depending on the level of the application. Clearly, the technical principle of these « BRD ® VERTICAL AXIS AEOLIANS » enables to render two forms two energies stored with minimal losses. One basic gravitational (with static amplifier), the other gas to cause the generator by a second means (which is a « Dynamic Motor Full ® »).